Contract Creation, Negotiation, and Review

“First and foremost, whether we are reviewing a contract or creating a contract, we ensure our clients understand every clause in the contracts they sign.

We create custom contracts (no boilerplates) specific to your situation and your needs. Our first step is to learn about you, your needs, and your objectives in signed the contract you are considering. The second step is to draft the contract and revise it as needed to your full satisfaction The third step is to discuss the contract with you to make sure all of your questions are answered and all of your concerns are addressed.

Literally, every day a physician engages us to review an employment contract, and when we do so we review each and every line of the physician’s contract, propose revisions, offer comments, and ask questions to get a keen understanding of what was agreed upon before the contract was published and how the contract needs to be revised to best protect our client’s interests.

When we negotiate contracts, we do so with as much vigor as we would if we were signing the contract personally. While we are always very sensitive to the situation, and never negotiate harshly or in a way to prejudice our client’s interests, we always try to our absolute best to arrive at the best terms for our clients. Powered by years of experience directly negotiating with practice owners, hospital chief executive officers, and their legal counsels, we know how to negotiate effectively.

Most commonly, we draft, negotiate, and review employment contracts; physician recruitment agreements; restrictive covenants (e.g. non-compete agreements); shareholder agreements; independent contractor agreements; hospital call arrangements; exclusive provider agreements; and managed care agreements. We have created several guides to assist physicians and as they consider such agreements.

Just as we want our clients to have a very clear understanding of the contracts they are considering, we want our clients to have a very clear understanding of our fees. We utilize a flat fee structure for our most common contract creation, review, and negotiation services.”

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