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HLG Employment Interview Guide

In my practice, I often find that a common source of professional discontent among physicians is a less than clear understanding or appreciation of the nature of the employment opportunity. By asking the appropriate questions before accepting an offer of employment, a physician can better discern whether an opportunity will be a good fit, and as a result save himself/herself a good deal of frustration. This Guide was created to assist providers during the interview process by alerting providers issues they should consider, arming providers with questions to ask, and noting questions providers should be prepared to answer.

HLG Physician’s Employment Contract Guide Summary

The purpose of this Summary is to provide an overview of a few key considerations physicians should keep in mind when evaluating a physician employment contract. If you would like a more in depth analysis of the components of a physician employment contract, please feel free to download the Physician’s Employment Contract Guide – Full Version.

HLG Physician’s Employment Contract Guide – Full Version

The purpose of this Guide is assist physicians in evaluating employment contracts by identifying the nuances in employment contract language and the implications of key physician employment contract provisions. Within this Guide physicians will find contract language comparisons, analysis and interpretation of contract terms, and sample contract language.

HLG Physician’s Employment Contract Negotiation Tips

Within this document physicians will find a few tips I have learned over the years in negotiating physician employment contracts that physicians can employ in their contract negotiations.

What is an RVU and Why Does It Matter?

With the increasing popularity of wRVU compensation models, it is critical that physicians and groups understand this productivity metric. This article details what how a RVU is calculated and how wRVUs are used to determine physician compensation.

HLG Medical Practice Acquisition Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to aide physicians as well as physician groups in planning and executing the sale or acquisition of a medical practice. This Guide outlines how to position a practice for acquisition, as well as considerations to keep in mind in determining whether to acquire a practice. This Guide also details key provisions within the contracts necessary to properly effectuate the merger or acquisition of a medical practice.

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