Roderick Holloman is the only attorney I would recommend to review your personal employment contract.  He is equally versed in addressing contractual issues regarding new physicians finishing their graduate medical education and those physicians already established in practice.  What sets him apart besides his dedicated and personalized service is the fact that he understands the milieu of medicine extremely across all
disciplines and subspecialties extraordinarily well.  This coupled with the fact that he has assisted physicians in negotiating employment agreements all across the United States means he is uniquely qualified to
comment and advise individual physicians no matter where they live or plan to work.  This cannot be over emphasized in its importance!  He is a talented negotiator with cool objectivity and because of his depth of experience, he can comment with authority on what is fair and balanced pertaining to contract proposals.  Specifically though, he truly understands market demands and current practices and can advise one on what is expected with regards to remuneration not only predicated upon one’s medical specialty, but he can also provide insight with regards to that medical specialty in a particular geographic region in the United States. This is arguably the most important decision one can undertake, that is negotiating your employment
contract.  I can think of no other individual as qualified to be trusted with this responsibility than Roderick
Holloman.  This undertaking affects not only you, but your family as well.  So who better to have on your side than the most experienced, dedicated, hard working, and honest attorney you could ever hope for to assist you in this endeavor; Roderick Holloman is that individual without question!  I cannot over state my
appreciation for his assistance. “-D. Constant, MD (Charlotte, NC)

“It is my absolute pleasure in recommending the legal services of The Holloman Law Group. I was notified of Roderick Holloman’s dedication to his clients by another fellow in my position.  I took his word on faith and decided to seek Roderick’s services.  He was very professional in helping me understand the intricacies of my multiple confusing contracts. However, what I remember most is his sincerity and guidance. This, he did as a friend. I felt I was very well-represented during contract negotiations and I would recommend him as counsel without any reservations.” – S. Panchamia, MD (Tampa, FL)

“I finished my medical fellowship and was suddenly facing the labrynthian legalese of medical practice
contracts.  With a few offers, I decided to retain a lawyer that specialized in medical contract law, not a
generalist. Upon reviewing the contracts and determining that the jargon was too much for me, I hired
Roderick Holloman.  Attorney Holloman simplified the process and I felt he had a very intuitive sense about my needs legally and also my perspective on medicine, since he is married to a doctor. During negotiations he was always available and usually had same day feedback to me on contracts.  He listened to my needs and then when I was finished, he cut to the chase.  He provided me with medical salary and income studies and gave me the lay of the land in terms of partnerships, negotiating in good faith, etc.  I paid a negligible
increment in hiring Attorney Holloman vs. a generalist, but the payback was material. He negotiated an increase in my starting compensation and a signing bonus that far offset his fees.  Hiring Attorney Holloman is a wise thing to do if you are a doctor.” – Edra Stern, MD (New York, NY)

“I am extremely happy and impressed with the service that Mr. Holloman provided.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his field, but his mannerism was outstanding when it came to working with both myself and my potential employer.  He would go out of his way in answering all my questions promptly and very
thoroughly.  He has a true passion in helping physicians in making the right decision when it comes to new employers and contracts. I have and will continue to recommend his service to all my colleagues.” – Anushka Patel, MD (Phoenix, AZ)

“I found Mr. Holloman to be an exceptionally helpful professional. He has the qualities any physician counts on — affability, availability, and capability.  I highly recommend him to any physician looking for representation in their contract negotiations.” – Bill Wood, MD (Dover, DE)

“Mr. Holloman has always been very professional and courteous during my interactions with him. He would provide me with invaluable advice with contract negotiations and, if necessary, negotiate on my behalf with prospective employers. In sum, he is a highly recommended advocate of your interests.” – Savi Mushiyev, MD (New York, NY)

“The Holloman law group was very responsive to my needs as a busy resident attempting to steer through contract interpretation and negotiation for my first position. They were readily available, quick with contract review, and prompt with knowledgeable advice. They helped me gain a significantly higher salary and made me aware of potential issues I did not foresee.” – Karl Lozanne, MD (Charlotte, NC)

“My experience with Mr. Holloman was superb.  I was on my way to starting my first ‘real’ job after finishing my Interventional Cardiology fellowship. Although I had shown my contract to my sister, who is a very intelligent and competent attorney in New Jersey, she suggested I consult a medical contract attorney.  Mr. Holloman was always very professional and was able to review my contract immediately.  He was always available both by email and phone which can be rare in his field.  He reviewed and amended my contract within a couple of days.  Even though I had a very good contract to begin with, he was able to make it even sweeter.  I would highly recommend him!” – Nadeem Husain (Branson, MO)

“Mr. Holloman was able to work on negotiating my subspecialty contract with an institution that never had my subspecialty of pediatric neurosurgery represented. I was to be the first pediatric neurosurgeon at this
institution. As you can imagine, many items in their initial contract did not acknowledge the specific needs of my subspecialty until Roderick helped them understand these needs. There were instances when he would work with me to conduct a phone conference with the institution on weekends and finish review of an updated contract in a matter of hours sometimes working up until midnight with me to finish the review. His only
requirement for me was to keep him in touch with all communications conducted between me and the
institution. It seemed to me that it was crucial to Roderick, that I understood what the contract meant, and that what I wanted in my contract was placed in the contract in adequate legal context. If I ever have to go through another contract I would not hesitate to call Roderick again. Similarly, I would not hesitate to
recommend him for your contract review either.” – Neil Patel, D.O., M.B.A. (Coral Springs, FL)

“Although there are quite a few firms out there who offer contract review services I decided to go along with Roderick Holloman upon recommendation of one of my colleagues. As promised the initial review of the
contract was within 5 days. Roderick went over the contract diligently and discussed with me the clauses where he had concerns. He broke down legal language for me in a manner that I could comprehend easily and also formulated my requests in an appropriate manner during the contract negotiations. I was impressed by his professionalism and every added question and concern were answered in a timely manner sometimes even on the weekends when deadlines had to be met. I highly recommend his services.” – Vinay Pai, MD (Akron, OH)

After finishing my fellowship in clinical cardiac electophysiology, I had the daunting task of negotiating a
contract with my future employer. Mr. Holloman helped me navigate the waters and made it an easy task. Despite my multiple questions, changes, and revisions, he was always available, excited to help, and was the best advocate I could have asked for. As an attorney specialized in medical contracts, he was invaluable in guiding me about average salaries for our region, productivity bonuses, and partnership clauses. I strongly recommended his services. –  Baran Kilical, MD (Annapolis, MD)

“Mr. Holloman was a huge help to me in my employment contract review and negotiations.  He was extremely responsive to my calls and emails, and offered some excellent advice and suggestions for contract revisions.  I appreciate his expertise in helping new physicians navigate this process.  His experience working in this area is clearly evident.  I would highly recommend his services to other physicians looking for representation in their contract negotiations.” – Adam Gess, MD (Washington, DC)

”Being new to the area, and starting off my job search as a new physician after having completed my
residency, I had my own concerns about getting the right job and more so ,negotiating a reasonable contract with my future employer. This was until I found Mr. Holloman, who very efficiently came to my rescue, guiding me appropriately throughout the process of contract reviewing and negotiating. He has truly been the
backbone on whom I can rely in the future too”. – Veena Pamulapati, MD (Dumfries, VA)

“My experience with Roderick Holloman and The Holloman Law Group was very positive.  He is knowledgeable about physician contracts, even at the subspecialist level and is familiar with local laws and cultures within medicine in each subspecialty.  He was prompt in responding to my questions and always communicates with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend consulting with him.” – Ryan Peterson, MD (Los Angeles, CA)

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