Contract Creation, Negotiation, and Review

“We understand the challenges healthcare practices face, whether bringing on a new provider, selling all or a portion of a practice, or expanding. With over fifteen years dedicated to the practice healthcare transactional work, we have come across virtually every scenario imaginable, and can advise your practice accordingly. hirst and foremost, whether we are reviewing a contract or creating a contract, we ensure our clients understand every clause in the contracts they sign.

Our first step is always to learn as much as we can about your practice’s needs and objectives with the contract you are considering. We then work with you to arrive at a contract that best protects your needs and meets your objectives. Regardless of how many versions or iterations of the contract required, we are with you every step of the way.

We know you frankly have better things to do than audit an invoice for legal fees, which is why we offer our services on a flat fee basis. Just as we want our clients to have a very clear understanding of the contracts they are considering, we want our clients to have a very clear understanding of our fees. We utilize a flat fee structure for our most common contract creation, review, and negotiation services

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