Outside General Counsel

Many businesses, from start ups to large privately held companies, often elect not to have in house counsel due to the cost and the burden of managing legal matters internally. HLG provides clients with the benefits of a dedicated legal department at a significantly lower cost through billing arrangements tailored to their
specific needs. Outside general counsel allows clients to only pay for the general services needed to
effectively guide and advise, in turn offering a great cost savings over in-house counsel. Unless a business has perpetual and substantial business that would monopolize the time of an attorney, outside general
counsel would be an ideal solution.

HLG has the breadth of legal knowledge and experience, as well as a rich entrepreneurial past, making HLG an ideal provider of outside general counsel. Our founder brings a business owner’s mentality to the practice of law, and combines vast legal expertise with practical, “insider” advice to give real-world, cost-effective
solutions to our corporate clients.

We work closely with our clients to manage expectations and set priorities, knowing from years of experience what works, what is and is not mission critical and what risks and challenges companies face. As general counsel, HLG becomes a desirable and strategic long-term business partner, all based on a fundamental understanding of your business, its needs, and vision for the future.

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