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As our slogan implies, we are counselors first.  As such, the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients is rendering advice and guidance, delivered with the benefit of years of experience and knowledge.  Often, we are called upon to act as a company’s general counsel .  In this role, our chief priority is to first acutely understand our client’s business and its needs going forward.

As your advisor, we will build a relationship with you. We will guide you through the process of business
planning, selecting an organizational structure, and establishing your business in the marketplace. In light of recent legal trends and developments, we will offer reliable advice on methods to reduce litigation risks and improve business operations. We will assist you in positioning your business and poising it for success. The measuring stick for our success is not the number of hours we bill, but the number of businesses we help build.

The downturn in the economy has had a debilitating effect on the growth of small businesses. Fortunately, under our direction many of our clients were able to streamline their operations and modify their business practices to maintain profitability.  When necessary, we stood ready to successfully negotiate financing
agreements on behalf of our clients to enable them to withstand the challenging economic climate.

Representative matters:

  • Acted as advisor and counselor to a business start-up from its inception, and now years later act as sole counsel to this company which has grown from an undercapitalized group of partners with an idea to a thriving business with plans to franchise across the east coast.
  • Advised website design firm on how to properly structure a joint venture agreement so as to protect its intellectual property and ensure it realizes an equitable share of the profits from the venture.

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