Employment Matters

We understand the business aspects of physician practices, including preparation of physician employment agreements, compensation plans, buy-in and buy-out issues and restrictive covenants (non-competition and non-solicitation provisions). The employment agreements, personnel manuals and handbooks we draft assure compliance with all federal and state labor/employment laws.

In addition to drafting documents, we also interpret them and offer advisory opinions to prepare and best position our clients for any anticipated dispute, whether it be a simple meeting to hash out a misunderstanding or offer an advisory opinion to resolve a dispute.

We also understand that sometimes misunderstandings lead to contentious relationships that can culminate in costly legal battles. Regardless of who prevails in court, rarely are there true winners in litigation. We successfully keep our clients out of court by negotiating resolutions acceptable to all parties involved.

If you see a dispute on the horizon or want to prevent against being involved in one, contact us today!

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